Dominionaire for Youth Ministries


Hey Fam!


It's ya Boy Canton Jones and I'm excited to let you know that my NEW SOLO PROJECT DOMINIONAIRE will be available in stores and on-line Tuesday Feb. 1st!  I am so excited about this project!!!  I believe it will be a blessing to your youth and their families. 

In the past, we’ve heard concerns from many people that they’ve had issues obtaining our product in a timely manner.  This could be for several reasons.  With that in mind, my Team and I have put together a special promotion solely for Youth Ministries!

Right now you can PRE-ORDER 30 to a 100 CD'S of Dominionaire. You will have 30 days before your credit card is charged. You can do what ever you choose with these; sow them to your youth, create a fundraiser, plan a youth evangelistic movement, whatever you choose!  We have promotional flyers for you to use within your Ministry’s at no cost or obligation.


To place your order please email and please include  the number of CDs and flyers you’d like to receive along with your Organizations name, address and phone number. You may also contact 770-716-2256 to place your order today!

Please spread the word among other Youth leaders and Ministries.  Help us distribute the truth through music to our youth and make a mark in their lives that can never be erased.

Your Boy,

Canton Jones